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Book Talks:

LOUISA JUNE AND THE NAZIS IN THE WAVES Book Talk at Politics & Prose with Sharon Cameron

A wonderful Politics & Prose evening with Sharon Cameron talking about LOUISA JUNE AND THE NAZIS IN THE WAVES, research, our love of history, and writing WWII historical fiction: 

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WALLS book talk at Politics and Prose with Debbie Levy

I discussed WALLS with the wonderful Debbie Levy on the 60-year anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall.

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NOVA Teen: (Don't Leave) the Past Behind

I enjoyed being part of this group of YA authors as we discussed historical fiction and research.

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Symposium Town Hall with Pipeline Artists

Chat with Jeanne Bowerman of Pipeline Artists about writing and the process of researching/conceptualizing historical narratives.

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Fall for the Book: Breaking Down Walls: Disinformation, Likes, and the Berlin Wall

In this video for Fall for the Book, I discuss WALLS and the dangers of disinformation.

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L.M. Elliott and Elizabeth Wiley Discuss WALLS & Audiobooks

One More Page Books in Arlington, VA hosted this wonderful chat about storytelling and character creation!

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Schuyler Sisters Talk with One More Page Books

I joined Susan Holloway Scott to have a "behind the scenes" Hamilton discussion about Peggy & Eliza Schuyler!

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P&P Live with Leslie Connor

The wonderful Leslie Connor and I got together with Politics and Prose to talk about STORM DOG.

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Storm Dog Book Talk with Bookmarks

This was a delightful event with Bookmarks and canine musical freestyle specialist Barbara Long. Watch this video to learn all about Storm Dog, hear me read an excerpt from the book, and watch Barbara and her dog Ambrose teach us some doggy dance moves!

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STORM DOG with the Winchester Book Gallery

So enjoyed this chat about all the different inspirations for this whimsical novel, my love of nature, VA, music, dogs, and parades.

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Fall for the Book: Tips and Tricks for Compelling Creative Writing

What do dog dancing, apple blossom parades and wild mountain storms have in common? They’re all inspiration for L.M. Elliott’s newest novel, Storm Dog. Using these as examples, as well as her novels Hamilton and Peggy: A Revolutionary Friendship and Suspect Red, Elliott brings writers through her time-tested interview tips and research suggestions as she advises students on best practices for compelling, realistic writing.

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Hamilton and Peggy Book Talk with FCPS TV

In this mini-talk and reading of HAMILTON AND PEGGY, L. M. Elliott describes discovering Peggy Schuyler's personality and relationships through reading Alexander Hamilton's wonderfully gossipy letters, as well as her real-life courage and devotion to family when researching factual historical events during the Revolution. Elliott reads two example passages of using revealing primary documents to build character and story, as well as sharing tidbits about the lesser known characters in the Hamilton/Schuyler Sisters circle.

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Under A War-Torn Sky Book Talk with FCPS TV

In this mini-talk and reading of UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY, L. M. Elliott talks about how well-researched period fiction humanizes history, bringing it alive through the compelling story of individual characters. She reads a chapter in which Henry Forester has his first encounter with the French Resistance as they help him escape from a train, asking the listener to count the "maquisards" involved in the getaway.

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A String of Hearts Video

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Interview with Rocky Run Middle School

In a wide-ranging interview, L.M. Elliott talks about the educational magic of historical fiction, the treasure hunt of research, and the gift of libraries (in finding things like double agents working for Philip Schuyler!) while describing specific moments in her novels UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY and its WWII companion books; HAMILTON AND PEGGY; SUSPECT RED; and STORM DOG.

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The Write Stuff at the National Archives

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Clip from TV interview "Meet the Author"

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News Channel 8: Featuring Laura Elliott and A Troubled Peace

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Laura and the Hunter books were featured on "Meet the Author," a 30-minute program produced by the FCPS FairfaxNetwork and broadcast live throughout the nation.

Click here to see an excerpt.


Hamilton and Peggy: A Revolutionary Friendship Book Trailer

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Give Me Liberty Video Trailer

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Da Vinci's Tiger Trailer

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Suspect Red Video Trailer

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Across a War-Tossed Sea Trailer

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A Troubled Peace Video Trailer

Images of the period accompany the thoughts of Henry Forester

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Flying South Video Trailer

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Thanksgiving Day Thanks Video Trailer

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Hunter's Best Friend at School

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Syosset Public Library "Turn the Page" Podcast (for LOUISA JUNE AND THE NAZIS IN THE WAVES)




Interview with The Valley Today about Bea and the New Deal Horse and Storm Dog


About Hamilton and Peggy! w/ Caroline Tung Richmond


The Power of YA Historical Fiction: Using Well-Researched Novels to Humanize History

This talk provides practical tips and resources for discussing a little-explored time in our history that so resonates with challenges of today, as well as general guidelines to using historical and biographical novels in the classroom.

The Value of Historical Fiction

Author L.M. Elliott explains the value of Historical Fiction. This is the 1st of five podcasts by author L.M. Elliott on

What's True and What's Made Up

How do you decide what factual infomation to use and what fictional details to add when creating Historical Fiction? Author L.M. Elliott describes her process. The 2nd of five podcasts by author L.M. Elliott on

Historical Research

L.M. Elliott explains why she thinks research is the fun part of making historical fiction novels. The 3rd of five podcasts by author L.M. Elliott on

Making the Novel Authentic

Author L.M. Elliott explains why she includes elements in her story which may frustrate her readers, such as foreign languages, in order the make the story authentic. The 4th of five podcasts by author L.M. Elliott on

Making WWII Relevant to Today's Teens

How is history relative to today's teens? Author L.M. Elliott gives ideas for making history relevant and relatable for teens. The 5th of five podcasts by author L.M. Elliott on