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The Town of Vinci

- by Laura Malone Elliott

April 12, 2016

Last summer, I was lucky enough to take a research trip through some of my favorite parts of Italy (Florence and Tuscany), as well as discover some new favorites (Piombino and Portovenere). The town of Vinci is full of wonderful testaments to the life and genius of Leonardo da Vinci, including a museum featuring interactive models of his inventions.

Here is a very impromptu video of me speaking about this beautiful town:


And some additional resources if you want to visit Vinci for yourself, or just learn more:


And here are some pictures from the day, including a view of the church/town, a close up of the church and a picture of the baptismal front, a smaller recreation of Leonardo's famous "colossus" horse statue, and images of the surrounding countryside:




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