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A Schuyler Sisters Super Bowl

- by Laura Malone Elliott

January 31, 2018

Hey ladies, Super Bowl Sunday has become a national day of fun gathering among friends. But if you’re not that into football, what would be amusing for you and your Gal-pals to do while others are glued to the set?
Last year’s amazing performance of “America” by the original Broadway Schuyler sisters gives me this idea: What about tea, Schuyler Sisters style?

First, this disclaimer—“high tea,” with all those delicate little sandwiches and scones, is a Victorian invention, almost 100 years after the Revolution. But hey, people in the American Revolution didn’t rap either. But if you want to keep closer to what the Schuylers actually might have enjoyed, go for meat pies and Martha Washington’s “Great Cake.”
Here’s her recipe:

And here are some meat pies: pie/

Remember, immediately before and during the Revolution, Patriots wouldn’t drink that politically-incorrect tea the Sons of Liberty had thrown into the Boston Harbor in protest of taxation without representation. They’d opt instead for coffee or hot chocolate! Here’s an article about how chocolate was made and consumed:

My other suggestion for Super Bowl Sunday? Women in the 18 th century often entertained themselves by reading aloud to one another. Following this Schuyler Sister Theme, perhaps share the Prelude/First Chapter of HAMILTON AND PEGGY! A REVOLUTIONARY FRIENDSHIP, excerpt found on my website:

Start your festivities with Jasmine Cephas Jones, Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Phillipa Soo celebrating sisterhood at Super Bowl 2017:

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