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Book Trailer - Hamilton and Peggy: A Revolutionary Friendship

- by Laura Malone Elliott

January 13, 2018

PEGGY Book Trailer

"...time for a litle revolution of my own."

My children have always been my joy and my inspiration, and I am doubly blessed they have grown up to be such remarkable theater/film professionals. Throughout the years my daughter and son have influenced and guided my novels’ themes, the personalities and strengths of my characters, and the challenges they face. Their interests, questions, and righteous indignation with social and individual injustices have been my touchstones for the issues I choose to lace through my stories. Now they are my researchers and first editors, filling my mind with ideas and facts, and then guiding—with their astute insights and taste and expert writing/directing skills—how I use that material. Lately, they have also produced—with their friend-circle of gifted performers and cinematographers—several wonderful book trailers.

It is with great pride and true awe at their vision and artistry that I share this book trailer of HAMILTON AND PEGGY: A REVOLUTIONARY FRIENDSHIP:

With his trademark largesse, Lin-Manual Miranda has applauded and encouraged the ripple of imagination his brilliant musical, Hamilton, has spread out to his fans. I, too, have been quite touched when I go to schools to speak and find that students love my characters enough to write additional chapters or sequels to my novels, compose songs, cast potential movies with their favorite actors, or illustrate scenes. That’s the magic of storytelling, what any writer hopes, that her/his work captivates readers enough that it sparks their imagination and creativity.

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