L.M. Elliott was a Washington-based magazine journalist covering women’s issues and
the arts before becoming a New York Times best-selling novelist. Her ten novels explore a variety of time periods, including WWII, the Cold War, and the American Revolution, and have won a number of national awards. Her best known works include: 

about the youngest of the Schuyler Sisters made famous by the musical Hamilton, a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year, and a Grateful American Book Prize Honorable Mention.

SUSPECT RED, a McCarthy-era story of two teenage boys caught up in the Red Scare's paranoia, winner of the Grateful American Book Prize, a NCSS/CBC Notable (National Council of Social Studies and Children's Book Council), a Bank Street College Best Book, a TXLA's TAYSHAS High School Reading List Recommendation, and a finalist for the PA Young Readers’ State Award.

Her WWII series about a young, downed B-24 pilot saved by the French Resistance: UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY—an NCSS/CBC Notable, Jefferson Cup Honor Book, a Bank Street College of Education’s Best Book, winner of the Borders Original Voices Award, and a finalist for MD, Iowa, PA, and SC Young Readers’ state awards—and its companions, A TROUBLED PEACE (also an NCSS/CBC Notable) and ACROSS A WAR-TOSSED SEA (a Jefferson Cup Overfloweth title).

DA VINCI’S TIGER, a biographical fiction about Ginevra de Benci, the young poet in Leonardo’s first portrait and his only work permanently housed in the United States and GIVE ME LIBERTY, a look at the American Revolution through the eyes of a young fifer in the 2nd VA Regiment whose best friend must run away to fight for the British with the Royal Ethiopians. Gr__0054 cropped.jpg

Her latest work, STORM DOG—a whimsical story of a girl finding her voice through the redemptive magic of nature, music, a stray dog, and dog-dancing—will be available in August 2020.

With New York Times best-selling illustrator Lynn Munsinger, Elliott has also published five picture-books, including HUNTER’S BEST FRIEND AT SCHOOL, an IRA/CBC Children’s Choice, VA Readers’ Choice finalist, and Texas Library Association 2 X 2 Reading List. 

Elliott holds a BA from Wake Forest University and a Masters in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is a lifelong Virginia resident and history-lover.