L.M. Elliott was a Washington-based journalist for almost twenty years, and twice a National Magazine Award finalist before becoming a New York Times best-selling novelist.

She is the author of UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY—an NCSS/CBC Notable Book in Social Studies, Jefferson Cup Honor Book, a Bank Street College of Education’s Best Book, and winner of the Borders' Original Voices Award—and its companions, A TROUBLED PEACE (also an NCSS/CBC Notable) and ACROSS A WAR-TOSSED SEA (a Jefferson Cup Overfloweth title).

Her other books include ANNIE, BETWEEN THE STATES, an IRA Teacher’s Choice, and an NYPL Book for the Teen Age; FLYING SOUTH, GIVE ME LIBERTY, and DA VINCI'S TIGER, a bio-pic style novel about Ginevra de’ Benci, the young poet portrayed in the only Leonardo da Vinci work permanently housed in all of the Americas—at the National Gallery of Art. 

Elliott will publish two novels in 2017/2018 fall/winter:  SUSPECT RED, a look at the McCarthy-era through the eyes of two teenage boys swept up in the Red Scare's national paranoia and witch-hunts; and HAMILTON AND PEGGY: A REVOLUTIONARY FRIENDSHIP, an in-depth exploration of the youngest and least known Schuyler sister. 




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