New York Times bestselling author L. M. Elliott is most known for UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY, the story of a B-24 bomber pilot and the French Resistance. Now in its 14th reprinting, the novel was named a Notable Book in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC), a Jefferson Cup Honor Book for historical fiction, a Bank Street College Best Book, and winner of Borders’ Original Voices Award. It was a finalist for the Iowa, PA, MD, and SC state awards and is included in WWII units in middle-school curriculums across the nation.

Its sequel, A TROUBLE PEACE, in which pilot Henry Forester returns to post-war France to find the young Resistance boy who saved his life, is also a NCSS/CBC Notable. Her WWII trilogy is completed with ACROSS A WAR-TOSSED SEA, which follows two young London evacuees who flee Hitler’s Blitz to the challenges of Henry’s hometown in rural, segregated Virginia. The novel was chosen a Jefferson Cup Overfloweth title.

Her latest historical novel, DA VINCI’S TIGER, received a starred review in PW and was chosen number 7 in the ABA’s Top Ten Indie Next Great Reads. Set in 15th-century Florence, the novel explores the life of the young poet Ginevra de’ Benci—the daring subject of Leonardo da Vinci’s very first and revolutionary portrait.

Elliott’s other novels include ANNIE, BETWEEN THE STATES, a New York Times bestseller, a NYC Public Library Book for the Teen Age, IRA Teacher’s Choice, a Virginia Readers’ Choice Finalist, and PA School Librarian Assoc. “YA Top 40;” GIVE ME LIBERTY, featured in several state Battle of the Books competitions and in Core Curriculum units on the Revolutionary War; and FLYING SOUTH, another Bank Street College Best Book.

With New York Times best-selling illustrator Lynn Munsinger, Elliott has created five award-winning picture books including HUNTER’S BEST FRIEND AT SCHOOL, A STRING OF HEARTS, and THANKSGIVING DAY THANKS.

Twice a National Magazine Award finalist, Elliott wrote often on women’s issues when a senior writer for the Washingtonian Magazine. She authored two adult non-fiction books, one on domestic violence which was also made into a TV movie starring Lindsay Wagner.

L. M. Elliott is best known as the author of Under a War-torn Sky, a WWII story of a B-24 bomber pilot and the French Resistance

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